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Recommendation by Georgian Public Health Expert: Services must be received via COVID-cards

24 August, 2021

Georgian Public Health Expert and Healthcare Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, names the tools against coronavirus and offers recommendations to the public:

"One tool, method, or means cannot work against this wicked virus.

Eleven methods that will help us fight against this wicked virus are as follows:

1. social distance;

2. medical facemasks;

3. washing hands;

4. avoiding touching the face;

5. refraining from visiting public places;

6. regular testing and managing clusters;

7. adequate ventilation;

8. information leaflets and massages provided by the government (40% of billboards, information provided via radio /television, internet, etc.). Funding people and businesses to whom/which the pandemic dealt a heavy blow;

9. strict control of quarantine;

10. accelerated Pfizer vaccination rate;

11. introducing the electronic COVID card and making the majority of services available via it.

Be safe,'' Dr Pkhakadze wrote.



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