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Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze is leaving Georgia

29 October, 2021

Public health expert Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze publishes a photo taken at the Tbilisi airport on the social network.

The Professor returns to France.

A few days ago, Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze said on Facebook that neither the government nor the opposition in Georgia thinks about the difficult situation created by the epidemic.

According to his forecast, the situation in the country will change dramatically in the next two weeks.

He said, as no one in the country takes the advice of experts, he decided to leave the country earlier than planned.

Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze arrived in Georgia in early October.

Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze, MD, MPH, PhD #drpkhakadze #accreditationge #გიორგიფხაკაძე


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