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Health expert Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze: I can see increased mortality (death)

28 October, 2021

Health expert Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze has passed criticism on the ruling Georgian Dream party and the opposition for holding large-scale rallies.

''What I saw today was a culmination. I can see what will happen in the country in two weeks' time. I can see increased mortality (death), oxygen deficiency, and overcrowded hospitals countrywide,'' Dr Pkhakadze said in his Facebook live video.

Georgia recorded 4,337 coronavirus cases, 42 deaths, and 3,137 recoveries in the past 24 hours.

Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze, MD, MPH, PhD #drpkhakadze #accreditationge #გიორგიფხაკაძე


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