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People should be careful - Giorgi Pkhakadze about new dangerous strains Lambda and K404N


Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, a public health expert, warns population about new dangerous strains Lambda and K404N

“There are 4 major viruses, and there are sub-viruses in India. The most dangerous virus is K404N, which is really very dangerous, and a person is in resuscitation in 2-3 days.

Lambda is a distant relative of the Indian strain. It is mainly transmitted in Latin America. It has already spread to more than 30 countries, and the rate is quite high.

These will continue until we stop this virus, and the way to stop it is very simple, medical mask, no meeting places, and vaccination”, - added Giorgi Pkhakadze.

Профессор Гиорги Пхакадзе. #ПрофессорПхакадзе


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