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Public health expert Dr Pkhakadze: Beating, controlling COVID possible and quite simple

5 November, 2021

Public health expert Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze has focused on the COVID vaccine's effectiveness and importance in his social media post.

In Dr Pkhakadze's words, many vaccines have failed to reach the third stage of research; however, ''the current year showed that modern technology and science coped under the great pressure and produced the best result possible. Today, we already have a fully approved Pfizer vaccine (not experimental). Today, we have anti-COVID drugs. Today, we know how to manage COVID! Beating and controlling COVID is possible and quite simple today. We just need to have 90% of the public vaccinated with Pfizer! (Moderna is not bad also). Wear facemasks everywhere indoors and in crowded areas in 90% of cases! Keep a 1-meter safe social distance in 90% of cases.

There is no other alternative! All myths, fairytales, and fears have been shattered!'' Dr Pkhakadze wrote.



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