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Another Covid explosion has begun in Georgia, the first blow falls on children - Giorgi Pkhakadze

4 June 2022. Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, a public health expert, says COVID is much more dangerous for children than the seasonal flu.

According to Dr Pkhakadze, another outbreak of Covid has begun in Georgia, and the first blow is on children. “Covid is much more dangerous for children than the “seasonal flu”. Understand this at last! Covid is more dangerous for children, I have been talking about this for the last 2 years, and scientific papers/articles are now available, read them if you have time. I see that the Georgian society is very busy and evaluate/comment on published articles only reading the title of the article or looking at the main photo. 90% probably won't even read the text of the article... Let me remind you that the first study came out from India, when schoolchildren infected their relatives with the virus. During the first wave, it was believed that children did not get sick with the coronavirus. It was a mistake... But smart people should learn from the mistakes of other people. As I have repeatedly warned, another Covid explosion will began in Georgia (June-July 2022) and the first blow falls on children. They call it "seasonal flu" and in my language it is "seasonal COVID-19". There is no outbreak of "seasonal flu" in Georgia, another wave of covid has begun in Georgia, and children are the most vulnerable ... Only in in the USA, 6 times more children die from a COVID in a year than from the seasonal flu. What other argument do you need? Don't want to get vaccinated?! “At least use a mask, yes, a children's mask nicknamed "Giorgi Pkhakadze mask” Dr Pkhakadze wrote on the social network.

Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze, MD, MPH, PhD #drpkhakadze #გიორგიფხაკადძე

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