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Coronavirus is not the flu, the quality of sperm does not deteriorate after the flu - Dr Pkhakadze

27/1/2022 “Coronavirus is not the flu, the quality of sperm does not deteriorate after the flu” said public health expert Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze.

According to Dr Pkhakadze, out of 100 co-infected men, 30 will not be able to have children. “Unfortunately, according to the latest published study, the quality of sperm in Covid-infected people is very low. This is not written by the yellow press, it is published by scientific journal. It's a very serious problem, it's definitely not the flu. The quality of sperm does not deteriorate after the flu. There is a difference. I try to explain this issues in the simple (not scientific) language to explain, so I’m speaking simply and clearly - 30 out of 100 men cannot have a baby after contracting (1-3 months) the coronavirus. This has been proven by scientific studies in more than 30 countries around the world. Because of this, stress, depression and suicide occur. Therefore, I say, take care of yours elf and follow the rules as much as possible, ”- Dr Pkhakadze said. At the same time, Dr Pkhakadze also touched upon the medical staff, noting that there are serious challenges in connection with the spread of Omicron variant. “Unfortunately, compared to other strains, Omicron is extremely contagious. Therefore, it is better to use two medical masks or masks of the FFP2 or N95 type,” Dr Pkhakadze added in an interview with Georgian Times.

Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze, MD, MPH, PhD #drpkhaakdze # გიორგიფხაკაძე


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