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Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze: Azerbaijan saved Georgia during the second wave

4 May, 2021

According to public health expert Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, during the second wave, Azerbaijan practically saved Georgia.

He said that without medical oxygen supplied from a neighboring state, the casualties in the country would have been great.

"Now the situation in Georgia is the same as in many poor countries, where the political situation is still difficult. Politicians try to show that everything is fine, but it is not. 90% of the population must be vaccinated in order to feel safe. Despite the difficult epidemic, an increase in casualties is not expected as we now know how to manage the virus. I want to thank Azerbaijan, which helped Georgia significantly during the second wave. We have practically survived thanks to your country. In November of last year, when we had about seven thousand infected people a day, Azerbaijan supplied oxygen to Georgian hospitals. If it were not for the oxygen supplied from Azerbaijan, there would be a very high mortality rate in Georgia," Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze said.

Professor Giorgi Pkhakadze, MD, MPH, PhD #drpkhakadze #გიორგიფხაკაძე



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