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Georgian Public Health Dr Pkhakadze Expert: Let truth be told

30 July, 2021

Georgian Public Health Expert and Healthcare Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, Dr Giorgi Pkhakadze, says in his social media post that the third vaccine dose, the so-called booster, is unavoidable. In his words, Israel has already started the registration of patients over 60 for the booster dose.

''What should we do in Georgia?

Registration for the booster (Pfizer vaccine) must become available for everyone having received vaccines with low protection rates in three or five months.

The corresponding plan must be formulated for citizens falling into certain categories who have taken the two doses of Pfizer jab so that they can register for the third after six months.

Open communication with citizens is mandatory. Let the truth be told. Everything is possible if we are pragmatic,'' Dr Pkhakadze wrote.



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